Sandy Shalk
Sandy Shalk
El McMeen: You couldn’t take one take El McMeen cd to a desert
island, you’d have to take them all! El’s a wonderful arranger and
player in tuning he “owns”--(CGDGAD). El has a beautiful voice on
the guitar, is nationally and internationally recognized, and has
been a great friend and mentor.  Fingerstyle guitarists interested
in honing their craft would be well served to find their way to El for
a lesson.
Tim Alexander: Tim is my guitar playing buddy on our CD together,
Giving Voice. His tone, phrasing, and original tunes are to die for!
Steve Baughman: Steve is a noted Celtic guitarist who plays in a
tuning he named—Orkney, aka CGDGCD. He’s a unique, much
admired voice on the guitar and a wonderful teacher. Jamming
with him at 3:00 Swannanoa was a treat I will not forget.
Ed Gerhard: I’ve heard Ed jokingly refer to himself as the
slowest guitar player in the world—that’s because he savors
every note. He has a sweet touch and tone and arranges
beautifully. A treat to see live.
Doug Young: I met Doug Young a Swannanoa. He’s noted
Dadgad arranger and player who plays beautifully and is
passionate about fingerstyle guitar.  He also writes for Acoustic
Guitar Magazine and has a great site for learning about
Tim Sparks: I got to jam a bit with Tim at Swannanoa. Tim is
a very eclectic player (blues, jazz, world music) with great
improvisational skills—masterful.
Martin Taylor: Martin Taylor is jazz fingerstyle guitarist
extraordinaire. I had the best seats in the house at a local
venue where I saw him perform—a treat!
Duck Baker: Duck is another eclectic player who plays with
fire and love of improvisation. His music (jazz, blues, folk)
has no boundaries.
Stefan Grossman: Stefan is an amazing blues player
(noted for that) but he can do most anything on the guitar—
very soulful. Stefan is a noted educator, of course, as well.
Tony McManus: Tony is a great Celtic player who pulls off a
jazzy tunes as well.  He has amazing technique in a most
musical way. He’s much in demand as a player.
Tommy Emmanuel: Yes, I too like TE! And have seen him
live, which is quite an experience.
Larry Pattis: Larry is a great arranger, player and writer of
original tunes for fingerstyle guitar. One of the best, for
Peter Janson: He’s another favorite player with the sweet
touch and tunes.
Target Studios: Marc Moss is the owner and engineer
and of Target Studios. He recorded ton of musicians
including David Bromberg and El McMeen. Marc a great
musician and songwriter. It was a treat to record with
him. He has great ears as they say in the business. His
duo with Ency Austin in the Mosstins is Americana at its
Unofficialmartingguitarform: This is a great site to
hang out with lovers of Martin Guitars.
Acousticguitarforum: An inspiring site for acoustic
guitar discussion and a great place to drool over
some nice pre-owned and new guitars for sale.
Dream Guitars: Speaking of drooling over guitars, Paul
Huemiller has established an acoustic high end guitar
business on line. His site is amazing. And he’s got Al
Petteway demoing the guitars! Paul is a great guitarist
as well. I met Paul at the house concerts he used to
hold in New Jersey (before he moved to Ashville, NC.) I can get my jazz guitar fix on this site
and enjoy conversations about some of my favorite
players including Wes Montgomery, Jim Hall, Kenny
Burrell, Pat Metheny, etc. But there’s also plenty of
discussion about the younger set: Kurt Rosenwinkel,
Peter Bernstein, Julian Lage, etc.
I am the proud owner of a OM-21 and OM-18v.
Visiting the factory is a great way to spend a couple
of hours. And the museum is great!
Franklin Guitars: I am not an owner of one of these fine
guitars by luthier Nick Kulich as I have not yet been able
to indulge. But I played one on my new cd
Newer Every
along with my Martins. And they are great guitars!
Tippin Guitars: Bill Tippin is another great builder.
El McMeen, Al Petteway, and Peter Janson are
"Just play what you
Rev. Gary Davis
"You can't help but
develop your own
style. The sound
that you produce
will be unique to
you. Your fingers,
your mind, and even
the make of the
instrument you play
are all factors that
will contribute to a
new sound that can
only be classified
as yours."
Stefan Grossman