Acoustic Fingerstyle Guitar
Sandy Shalk
Welcome to my website where I share my obsession with
arranging, performing, and listening to fingerstyle guitar music. I
enjoy arranging Celtic, jazz, and folk tunes for acoustic guitar often
in alternate tunings (with a particular love of Dadgad) and standard

       Fingerstyle Jazz Guitar in DADGAD!

It's here! I'm pleased to announce the release of
Fingerstyle Jazz
Guitar in DADGAD
by Stefan Grossman's Guitar Workshop. I play
and teach five jazz tunes in DADGAD. What a thrill it was to work
with Stefan! Use this Guitar Workshop link to see a youtube
promotional video and to purchase. Upward and onward DADGAD
lovers! Thanks for joining me on the DADGAD jazz journey.

    Newer Every Day is available on

Newer Every Day (April 2014) is a collection of jazz, traditional, and
Celtic arrangements for
solo fingerstyle guitar. Many tunes typically
associated with jazz on the CD are arranged in DADGAD
. These
Blue Monk, Round Midnight, Take Five, and others.
Newer Every Day was recorded, mixed and mastered with the
assistance of Marc Moss of Target Studios (Red Hook, NY)

Newer Every Day is currently available at Itunes for purchasing
single tunes and CDBaby for the full album:
Sandy Shalk
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I’m proud to be associated
El McMeen and
Piney Ridge Music.

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my first fingerstyle CD
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Newer Every Day.